This project is a Alignak Backend. It is used to:

  • manage configuration (hosts, services, contacts, timeperiods…)

    • end user (webui, command line…) can get and add configurations elements
    • Alignak gets its configuration from the backend when the arbiter module is starting
    • user rights management
    • template management for host and services
  • manage retention

    • Alignak loads and saves retention information in the backend for checks/hosts/services
  • manage live states

    • Alignak adds/updates hosts and services states in the backend
    • end user (webui, command line…) can get this information
  • timeseries for perfdata

    • send perfdata to graphite/carbon
    • send perfdata to influxdb
  • actions in Alignak

    • Add/remove acknowledge
    • add/remove downtime
    • reforce a check